Saturday, 12 March 2016

European Trade Triangle

It's tough being a card collector in Europe so I'm lucky to have a good trade network from the UK Cards Facebook group and also from the The Dutch Card Guy and The Italian Completist.

Based in the UK, Holland an Italy we have a nice little trade triangle going on.

This week I received a box of cards from Italy to add to my Yankees collection. Lots of cards from sts I'd not seen before which is always nice. I need to get some more folders so I can start to file these cards away.

Anyway I'm grateful as always for the cards but thought I'd pick some out that caught my eye. I hope you like them.

A 2010 Topps Heritage. I just thought it was a nice looking card.

I couldn't work out why Topps thought this was a good photo to use. There is a noticeable blur in the front of the picture. 

I remember when this guy signed for the Yankees and couldn't help thinking of this chap.

I love Darryl Strawberry if only for the introduction of the player taunting Daaaaa-ryll

And finally can't post without a Derek card.

Thanks Riccardo. A return package will be on it's way soon.

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