Sunday, 14 February 2016

UK Cards Topps 2016 Baseball Break

I joined a Facebook group called 'UK Cards' and every now and then we decide to all pay in to a box break.

The first of 2016 was for the Topps Baseball set. There's a lot of Yankees fans in the group and so between us all we decide who is getting the Yankees. I've not had them yet but guess I will do one day.

Every interested member pays £20 and the number of members entering decides the number of Hobby boxes we buy. This time there were 18 members so the organiser Glenn purchased a full case of which 6 boxes would be for the group and the rest for himself.

I didn't get the Yankees but still entered and decided to go for the Nationals. Any unallocated team goes into a draw. I ended up with:

Every Box - Washington Nationals
Box 2 - Colorado Rockies
Box 3 - Milwaukee Brewers
Box 4 - Milwaukee Brewers
Box 6 - Colorado Rockies

I'll post my cards and thoughts on the set when I receive them.

If you want to watch the breaks they're all filmed

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  1. Hey Matt, do you a wantlist or something like that that I can use to put together a lot not only composed by Yankees?
    Since you're chasing sets from the late 70s I think that I could send you a huge lot of cards to help your quest...